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Data: 2012-10-10 00:01:00
Autor: António Pedro Lima
CENSURADOS - O Que Faz Falta (Filhos da Madrugada, 1994)
BOOSTER - Eu Quero Tudo (Conceito, 2012)
ACCEPT - I m a Rebel (I m a Rebel, 1980) 
ROSE TATTOO - Nice Boys (Rose Tattoo, 1978)
AC/DC - Anything Goes (Black Ice, 2008) 
HARDBONE - Bottlemate (This is Rock n Roll, 2012)
FASTER PUSSYCAT - Where There s a Whip There s a Way (Wake Me When It s Over, 1989)
IRON MAIDEN - Bring Your Daughter to the Slaughter (No Prayer for the Dying, 1990)
EUROPE - Riches to Rags (Bag of Bones, 2012) 
THE CULT - The Wolf (Choice of Weapon, 2012) 
BUCKCHERRY - Lit Up (Buckcherry, 1999) 
FIREBALL MINISTRY - Flatline (The Second Great Awakening, 2003) 
UGLY KID JOE - Tomorrow s World (Menace to Sobriety, 1995) 
STONE GODS - Defend or Die (Silver Spoons & Broken Bones, 2008)
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